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Chant elliptique n°2 (2015/2016).

Scherzo for Celtic harp and electronics that emulates the gradual transformation of a monodic chant into a elliptical choir

Chant Elliptique n°2 pour harpe celtique et électronique - Erwan Le Priellec (harpe celtique)
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La Rugosité de la Nuit  (2016)

For accordion, synthetized track and electronics, "the roughness of the night" recreates a nightscape in Guayaquil

La rugosité de la nuit pour accordéon et électronique - Anthony Millet (accordéon)
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Estambre Urdido, for five percussionists (2017)

This composition symbolises the texture of a knitted thread bundle by means of a morphological acoustic exploration. 

Estambre Urdido (5 percussionists) - Ensamble Tushpar
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Turgescences, for flute, mandolin & guitar (2017)

This composition aims to highlight the possible harmonic co-existence of different acoustic events flowing from the same host sonic environment 

Turgescences - Paulo Espinoza (flute), Constance Grard (guitar), Manuela Calvo (mandolin)
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Épenthèse, for bass clarinet and harp  (2018)

This composition provides a framework for interpreting the acoustic niche hypothesis (Krause 1993), by means of stablishing a spectromorphological system for music writing

Épenthèse pour clarinette basse et harpe à pédales - Daniel Mancero Baquerizo
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